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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  April 3, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> the united nations have called it a devastating milestone. refugees fleeing the bloody three-year conflict mixup a quarter -- makes up the quarter of the country's population. fielder is in the lebanese capital and joins us from beirut. tell us about the latest figures and where those refugees are. -- majestiesal .ave hit one million
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the actual number is believed to be far higher. the lebanese government has long said it could be close to 2.5 million. there are small informal settlements everywhere. syrian's renting flats, working in menial jobs. population nowe are syrian refugees. many of them are based in the homs., which is close to a new influx the couple of weeks ago with a fighting over the border. all of this in the same week that another major milestone was it one 150,000 people were in the syrian conflict.
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lucy, since you have seen this up close over the last three years, what are the conditions like for the refugees? >> pretty dire. fears theymps for could be stated -- destabilizing . these are informal settlements the syrians have built from eight agencies. they often do not have running water, food, and medical supplies are often scarce. they have had to cut those rations. a woman tried to burn herself to death in front of her four children here in lebanon because she said she had been trying to get aid from the u.n.
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her situation had become desperate. it was a sign of how desperate the conditions are. >> lucy fielder joining us live from the lebanese capital. thank you very much. chad is withdrawing its troops from the central african republic. it is a blow to international efforts to build up the force in the country. heart ofad been at the the 6000 strong african union peacekeeping force. >> this statement was released as the african summit in brussels drew to a closed. the foreign minister announced the withdrawal of troops. despite the sacrifices, chad is
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the target of a gratuitous and malevolent campaign come a blaming them for all of the suffering and evil. >> peacekeepers have long been accused of supporting the rebellion. the muslim minority trusted them with their safety. this translated into violent clashes with the mostly christian units, including a shooting last weekend. act in january, the ambassador said their troops did not feel the sectarian violence. >> the fact that groups took part in the rebellion has nothing to do with the chadian state. it has nothing to do with the chadians who have lived here for 40 or 50 years. the forces are units that are
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part of the chadian army. they have nothing to do with the rebels. it supervise the repatriation of thousands of people back to chad. the chadian army promised to discuss the terms and conditions of the troop withdrawal with the african union. >> we spoke to our correspondent in the central african republic capital. how much of a difference the removal of the chadian troops will make? >> 850 men out of 6000. that is a big chunk of the forces. there are fighters that have great experience and have both -- have a lot of combat experience. they are an important part of the peacekeeping forces. in the zone they were taking care of their extremely
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efficient. if they decide they leave this part of the country, there will no longer be any international peacekeeping force present and not part of the country. -- it is aty jake strategic part of the country. there are political implications. some of the groups could consider this a victory and be tempted to try to push further as mostbilize as well of the muslims here. there are only two areas where there are small groups of muslims and they might decide that now it is time to leave if the chadians have to depart. claimsow has dismissed from ukraine that it was involved in the violent crack down during the revolution that's all dozens of protesters killed. blamed the in kiev
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former ukrainian president for drawing up the plans, but they also hinted at a russian role in the crackdown, something the foreign minister says was contradicted by the facts. was one of the bloodiest days in ukraine's postindependence history. dozens of protesters died at the hands of snipers. investigators say they have identified and detained 12 members of the now defunct writerly city said the ousted president was behind the killings. -- riot police who said the ousted president was behind the killings. the key investigator also said unidentified rations during the three-month protest and an aircraft loaded with explosives flew in from russia just before the deadly crackdown on activists began.
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brought 5100 kilos of explosives, tools, and weapons that were used in the mass killing protesters. >> russia denies any involvement. the deposed former president who consistently rejected accusations he ordered the killings. yanukovich blamed antigovernment activists for the violence. >> the radicals started shooting. i personally never gave any orders to shoot. >> more than 100 people died in the run-up to the overthrow of yanukovich. ukrainian prosecutors harvested -- issued arrest warrants for the ousted leader. >> russia has been putting more pressure on ukraine, demand for
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overdue gas payments. exceededfor deliveries $2.2 billion, money that moscow wants paid urgently. ukrainian delegation was holding talks. tweenof words tonight a moscow and nato. russia had demanded answers from the alliance for at that duties and eastern europe. nato promised that it would be beefing up defenses of its eastern members. here is the secretary-general denying the nato was coming back on an agreement with russia. >> we have not violated the declaration and i am surprised that russia can claim that nato has violated its commitments.
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violating every principal and international commitments it has made. first and foremost, the commitment not to invade other countries. >> israel has canceled releases.n prisoner the palestinian decision to resume its push for recognition at the united nations. the middle east peace process the john kerry has put so much political counsel into and it was a frustrated secretary of state who appealed to leaders of both sides to get back to the negotiating table. >> in the end, my friend, as all of you know, you can facilitate, you can push, you can now just, -- nudge, but the parties themselves have to make fundamental decisions and
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compromises. the leaders have to lead. they have to be able to see a moment and it is there. you can leave -- you can leave a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. now it is time to drink. >> the clean paid the pope a visit today -- the queen paid the pope a visit today. the fifth pontiff she has met. the company by her husband, ushered into a small room. she held a 30 minute meeting with the pope. she longed with italian president earlier in the day. to the largest photo exhibition of the works of the chinese artist, which opens today in berlin. a show the artist himself will be missing, unable to leave china. considered an is
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deeply political exhibition reflecting the artists personal experience. marble surveillance cameras, handcuffs made of jade, and the reproduction prison cell. the latest show in berlin is overtly political, showing his to finance -- defiance of authority. >> speaking about what is going on in china, what happened to him personally, but he is also speaking about what other relations between the china and the rest? talk the artist tries to symbolize the fast changes in chinese society and the influence of western consumerism. .ike in this display unable to leave china because
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authorities have confiscated his to visitors speaks through a video message. is not shy to speak out against the communist government. , artists,ung people journalists, intellectuals, have theyput in prison because have a different opinion from the communist party. i am right about the situation. he spent 81 days in a secret prison in 2011. since his release, he has remained under the close watch of authorities. the exhibition getting underway today in berlin. chad pulls its troops out of the central african republic. its men were targeted with a malicious campaign after they
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were accused of siding with the muslim rebels. a war of words between moscow and kiev with the involvement of russia in the violent crack town that killed dozens during the revolution. something the russian foreign minister says is contradicted by the facts. a grim milestone is reached in lebanon, a million syrian refugees have now crossed the border. a quarter of the country's population is now refugees. it is time for look at business. marcus carlson is back. we will begin with the action or inaction of the ecb. >> you are absolutely right. the ecb set the stage on thursday as the central bank held its monthly rate setting meeting and it kept its benchmark interest rate at a aarter of a percent, which is
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record low. mario draghi said the ecb is ready to take action if need be. he spoke as inflation has slipped for the past month. it is currently far below the target rate of two percent. there are fears that deflation could have the euro zone economy dragging. like the federal reserve has done in the united states. he is not ready to bring out that big bazooka just yet. >> we do not exclude further monetary policy easing and we iterate -- we reiterate that we expect the ecb rates to remain at present or lower levels for an extended. of time. -- >> thepean european markets like the prospect. some quantitative easing done by the ecb because european shares got a pop on that news.
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the picture was slightly different over in london where we saw a mild loss for the ftse. the united states, we are seeing red arrows across the board. it looks as if the american markets will snap a four-day winning streak. the focus is turning very much to an unemployment report expected from the u.s. labor market on friday. we will switch gears. european and african leaders have strengthened operations -- cooperation between the two continents. european council president withed france to help development and security and said the european union wants to drum up 30 billion euros worth of infrastructure investments in africa. the money will be raised with the help of the private sector.
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at the summit, leaders agreed to change the relationship between africa and europe. they will want to shift away from aid to trade. african economies are outpacing europe in terms of gross. -- growth. it has been compared with singapore in its ease of doing business. 20 years after the genocide to start its economy, rwanda appears to have turned itself around. tea.have turned to a lot of expansion going on a rwanda. so many new factories. and 2012, the1 economy grew at an average of eight percent above the rate for sub-saharan africa. gdp per capita has increased by five times in 20 years. gdp -- it wase
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very low. increased. >> the country's economy is dependent on agriculture. it is seeking to lift our people out of poverty. >> rwanda is one of the best developing countries in the world. >> rwanda's turnaround story is positive. infrastructure mains and obstacle for foreign investment. -- remains an obstacle for foreign investment. >> let's look at a few other stories. isnce foreign minister taking charge of the trade portfolio of the french government. that is a first in the history of france.
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the news was announced after rumors of a power struggle. wantede foreign minister the portfolio in connection with a government reshuffle. theian energy company says size of ukraine's gas bill has risen to $2.2 billion. tuesday, they announced they would raise the price of gas exports to ukraine. the chief executive of lufthansa said he is hoping for a quick resolution to the standoff with the pilots. it comes during a three-day walkout from pilots. it expects the strike between wednesday and friday to lead to 3800 cancellations altogether.
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it seems as if the patient's of travelers will be tested at least for one more day. >> thank you very much, marcus carlson. 21 minutes past 9:00. we will look at what is making waves on the internet. .welcome to today's web news we will be taking a look at some of the stories making the online headlines. web.g up, the turkish singers, and a flash mob. with the turkish opposition contesting the local election results in istanbul, the party
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of the prime minister, thousands of web users have been having a field day poking fun at the energy minister. power outages on election night caused some polling stations to count by candlelight. a cat. he announced the cat had walked into a transformer unit and that is why there were power cuts. beenishing explanation has on social networks. they are posting all sorts of sarcastic comments accusing cats of trying to destabilize turkey and posting wacky photo montages. it is one way to challenge the
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victory in sunday's local elections, but supporters of the prime minister's government are less than impressed. saying the opposition is trying to blame the defeat on the power cuts. many have shared similar sentiments on line and urged the opposition to accept the election results. since monday, web users on ok with firefox browser have been met with a message. it is in response to the appointment of the ceo of mozilla and his opposition to gay marriage in california. the call to boycott has been shared on twitter. users replaced it with --
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they refuse to use a browser from a company who is an opponent of equal rights for gay couples. . lively debate within the firm several employees have taken to twitter. even calling for his resignation, saying his opinions elegance the company's value. the man himself has responded saying he will strive for equality in the workplace. the new ceo promises to continue implementation of antidiscrimination measures. the company wants to make his position very clear and released a statement on saturday. lgbt rights and equality, including same-sex marriage.
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web users have been posting urging the u.s. to release oscar lopez rivera. his alleged involvement in a series of crimes and attacks and a 1970's. many say there is no valid evidence connecting him. they are asking president obama to grant clemency. he is seen by many as a political prisoner. >> the good news about cancer is that it is preventable in most cases. just two to five percent of cancer can be passed on through genetics and nine at of 10 cancers are linked to environmental factors.
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